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Real estate prices in turkey 2021

Turkey has many advantages that make it flourish in real estate,including its strategic location and natural resources.

The real estate sector needs such a stable strategy, such as infrastructure development projects, urban renewal, modern transportation network, airports, and providing government facilities to investors, and this works on real estate development in Turkey.

Reasons for the spread of buying real estate in Turkey

1.Tax cuts on real estate that have been repeatedly approved by the Turkish government.

  1. The political and social stability that Turkey enjoys despite the circumstances surrounding the region.
  2. Facilities provided to foreign investors and owners, such as real estate residency, and obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  3. Completion of many internationally competitive infrastructure projects in Turkey, such as the new Istanbul Airport and the Istanbul Canal project.

In light of this comprehensive renaissance in the country, many opportunities are available to own real estate in Turkey, and house prices in Turkey are still considered cheap, as is the case with commercial real estate prices, and Turkish cities compete to attract investors, especially Istanbul and Trabzon yailua and Antalya.

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